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Karen Peterson

Karen Peterson


Occupation – Servant to the Most High
# of years practicing yoga: 8
# of years teaching yoga: 5
500hr YTT
100hr Barre Fusion Certification
Buti Yoga/ Hot Buti/ Buti Deep Certified
Personal Training Certificate

At age 34 yoga found Karen in a Treatment Center where she was recovering from a life long addiction to alcohol and drugs. Karen has since recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body and has dedicated her life to the practice, study, and teachings of yoga.

Karen is the owner and operator of Blissed Out Yoga and Fitness Studio where she uses the space as her platform to help others heal so that they may discover their truest nature.

Karen studies meditation for awakened consciousness under the guide of her beloved teacher Juan Ruiz Napari and incorporates his teachings into all her dynamic, therapeutic, alignment based classes.

Karen creates a safe and non competitive space for all students to dive beneath the surface of their daily lives to find deeper meaning and inspiration. She mindfully guides them to become their own inner gurus so that they may embody the gracious host of their experiences, the curious and fearless explorer of their bodies, and the conscious creators of their existence.

Her classes offer creative sequences, intentionally themed, emphasizing proper alignment, focused pranayama, mindfulness, and meditation in several styles of yoga.

For Karen her practice continues long after she rolls up her mat for it is a way of life. Yoga was once Karen’s way out but has since become her way in. She will forever be dedicated to the study of spiritual texts and has recently completed her own manuals for future trainings. Karen has also found immense excitement in hosting awakening retreats around the world.

Gently spiritual in her approach, she hopes to help awaken all of humanity one practice at a time.


Kate Todd

Kate Todd

# of years practicing: 14
# of years teaching: 7
Favourite styles to practice/teach: vinyasa and aerial to practice. prenatal, vinyasa and aerial to teach.

Kate has been practicing yoga for over a decade. While she has been teaching for the last 6 years, she recently has started facilitating teacher trainings.

With over 800 RYT hours accumulated between Canada and Costa Rica, Kate’s passion for yoga truly took off while living in Central America. Kate had practiced yoga as a means of self care through out the years but it wasn’t until working and living at a retreat centre that she whole heartedly understood that yoga was part of her calling. Moving back to her home town she began to work and live yoga within the community. Because Costa Rica had such a transformative impact on Kate, she started offering guided retreats to the healing beaches of Playa Negra. At the time, travel and yoga were her 2 main loves.

As life is always guaranteed to ebb and flow, Kate started a new chapter and become a mother. Travel slowed down but the adventure had just begun. Her pregnancy journey and postpartum experience allowed her to understand her body in a whole new way and relate to a demographic that she felt called to. Recently Kate has furthered her education in Emotional Healing and Personal Development to best support her clients. Now you will see most of Kate’s classes catered to the moms in our community.. this is until the wind blows Kate in her next direction.

Deanna Deacon

Deanna Deacon

# of years practicing yoga: 11
# of years teaching yoga: 3
Favourite style(s) of yoga to practice/teach: hatha & vinyasa, ecstatic dance

Deanna has been teaching body-positive fitness and dance since 2013 all over British Columbia. In 2018 she completed both her 200 hour yoga teacher training as well as her Bellyfit certification. Functional & enjoyable movement has always been at the forefront of Deanna’s life; whether travelling to new countries and teaching yoga on the beach, or holding sacred space at her favourite studio; Blissed Out Yoga & Fitness.

Truthfully, yoga was not always her favourite. Deanna grew up playing physical team sports like soccer, baseball and volleyball and when a friend brought her to her first yoga class, she was bored out of her mind. The practice felt too slow, too easy and wasn’t productive enough in her young eyes. Over time, and in many different countries, she began exploring unique styles and teachers of yoga and began to fall in love with the simplicity and ease with which one can connect to their own body. Her life previously was lived solely from her masculine energy; constantly seeking to produce greater results, instead of learning to find joy in the present moment. Now, as a Reiki level 2 healer, meditation teacher, certified Holistic Health Coach, motivational speaker and Intuitive Life Coach, Deanna helps women to balance their masculine and feminine energy centres to experience nourishing and vibrant lives and businesses everyday.

Debbie MacNeil

Debbie MacNeil

# of years practicing yoga: 3.5
# of years teaching yoga: 3
200 hour YTT100 hour Barre certified, BUTI Yoga certified, trained in Yoga Nidra

I was 37 years old when yoga found me, my 4th son was 8 months old. I felt that I was really struggling  to keep it together most days.

I was on the search for something to keep the older boys active. My oldest son was struggling in school with anger and frustration. I came across an advertisement for kids yoga classes being offered. I had  always heard of the great benefits of yoga, not just the stretching but, the mental clarity, stress release  and the ability to live in the present moment. I asked the boys if they would like to try they said “fine  sure.”

They were the only boys in the class at the time but that was no big deal. My older son continued with  the classes he loved it. I noticed a change right away with my older son. The next week I attended my  first adult class with my sister and good friend at the time. Its true I said to myself yoga made me feel  amazing even after just one class. I found a practice that I wish I had found much sooner in life, but I  also believe the universe brings you what you need when you need it.

The following week I attended a barre fusion class that I absolutely fell in love with. I struggled with  weight gain in all my pregnancies so adding barre to my yoga practice was great for my body, mind and soul. Time had passed and it was mentioned that a YTT was happening locally, I wanted to sign up to  further my yoga practice. I actually had never thought I would teach because I am such a shy person  when it comes to crowds and public speaking. Needless to say about half way through the training I  had began to gain the knowledge and confidence to become a teacher.

I like to offer my students safe and secure environment to be themselves. I like them to know that they  are strong, they are loved, they are enough and that they are perfect exactly the way that they are. I love watching my students grow in strength and confidence. I enjoy teaching all variations of yoga.

I love encouraging and watching my students let loose in Buti yoga. I love watching my students find  strength they didn’t know they had in Barre class and I love to offer silence and space to let go in my  Gentle yoga class.

Paul Litzenberger

Paul Litzenberger

# of years practicing: 11
# of years teaching: 3
Favourite styles of yoga to practice/teach: Yin & arm balancing/inversions

Paul’s interest in yoga initially stemmed from his love of sports and physicality, but after trying out a few classes, he discovered the deep spirituality informing the practice, and fell in love.

After spending some time traveling/volunteering across Canada, Paul landed in beautiful BC, where he now lives with his daughter,  and it was here that he took his first yoga teacher training. Having experienced the incredible benefits of yoga to the body, mind, and spirit, Paul became passionate about sharing this practice with others through teaching. He balances out his light-hearted fun side that loves teaching arm balances and inversions, with his deep reverence for spirituality and philosophical inquiry that comes out in his Yin classes.

Jil Freeman

Jil Freeman

# of years practicing: 15
# of years teaching: Since April 2021
Favourite styles of yoga to practice/teach: Hot Yoga, Kundalini, Vinyasa Flow

Jil first started her yoga practice about 14 years ago. Although she thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of yoga, she never truly integrated it into her life until 5 years later when she was severely injured. This accident left her in chronic pain, as well as in a deep state of depression. Thankfully, around this time a friend introduced her to Bikram Hot Yoga and it completely changed the way she viewed her practice. The conscious breath and disciplined movement she experienced from Hot Yoga awakened a deep sense of healing within her body and mind. Jil’s further exploration of yoga has not only assisted her in recovering from her chronic pain, but she has also fused the teachings of Art and Yoga to create abundance and success in her life beyond the mat.

Jil has found yoga to be an instrumental part to her well-being, inspiring her to pursue many other modalities of self-mastery and healing. She spent 2 years studying Holistic Nutrition, received her level 1 in Reiki, continues to study Kundalini yoga and is forever expanding her knowledge in meditation and breathwork through the Pneuma Institute. All in which she is thrilled to incorporate into her classes and art workshops. Jil’s ongoing study of yoga, along with the support of Karen Peterson and the rest of the Blissed Out Tribe, has brought her Yoga Artistry to a whole new level. She is very excited to share this passion with other yogis, strongly believing that everyone can benefit from this art of breath and movement, regardless of your age or ability.

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